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12 May

Silver Bluff Brewing Company receives a Silver Medal at the prestigious 2023 World Beer Cup®

The World Beer Cup® acknowledges only the finest beers worldwide and this accolade was bestowed upon the brewery’s flagship beer, the Mexican Lager.


May 12, 2023

Silver Bluff Brewing Company, a microbrewery based in Brunswick, Georgia, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a Silver Medal at the prestigious World Beer Cup®. This accolade was bestowed upon the brewery’s flagship beer, the Mexican Lager, cementing its place as one of the world’s finest beers.

The World Beer Cup®: “The Olympics of Beer”

The World Beer Cup®, often referred to as the “Olympics of Beer,” is the most prestigious beer competition in the world. Organized annually by the Brewers Association, the World Beer Cup® brings together over 200 highly qualified beer professionals who judge more than 100 style categories. The competition celebrates the art and science of brewing and promotes international brewing excellence. It acknowledges only the finest beers worldwide, ensuring consumers have access to exceptional brands. According to the World Beer Cup® website, 2,376 breweries across 51 countries submitted 10,213 beers in this year’scompetition.

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28 Feb

What is a Mexican Lager? A Guide to the Misunderstood Beer Style

“When I first got to Silver Bluff Brewing Company and we were going over what the first beers would be, I was given one note about the Mexican Lager: “More Modelo than Pacifico”.

Kevin and Jeff had a recipe that they had been brewing on their respective homebrew systems for years, so that was where I started. After scaling it up we had a baseline for adjustments. We really bridge the gap between traditional European lagers by using some Pilsner, Vienna malt, and German noble hops; and more American style craft beer by using the US, 2-row barley, and Mexican Lager yeast.

8 Nov Historical Preservation - Brewery Bar Taproom

Silver Bluff’s Historic Preservation Efforts

Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of fun with the brewery’s design elements—light fixtures, wall accents, paint colors, everything. We take a lot of pride in our location—a historic district set against a unique coastal landscape—and for this reason, creating a sense of place in the taproom has been very important to us.