Month: October 2019

8 Jul

Silver Bluff Grand Opening on First Coast Living

It was a pleasure speaking with Curtis Dvorak of First Coast Living about Silver Bluff’s grand opening.

Watch the entire segment here.

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26 Nov

Brunswick, Georgia’s Historic Brewery

Brunswick’s historic brewery was located downtown, and it was a short-lived experiment by a German entrepreneur named Peter Herman Wolters.

8 Nov Historical Preservation - Brewery Bar Taproom

Silver Bluff’s Historic Preservation Efforts

Over the past year, we’ve had a lot of fun with the brewery’s design elements—light fixtures, wall accents, paint colors, everything. We take a lot of pride in our location—a historic district set against a unique coastal landscape—and for this reason, creating a sense of place in the taproom has been very important to us.

1 Oct

Brodie Pierce Joins Silver Bluff as Head Brewer

Read Brodie’s bio here.

25 Sep

Bricks for Beers – Last Call

Click here to order your personalized brick in the Silver Bluff beer garden.

20 Sep Silver Bluff Mexican Lager Can

Silver Bluff – Might & Main

Read Might & Main’s case study of Silver Bluff here.

1 Aug

Bricks for Beers

Click here to order your personalized brick in the Silver Bluff beer garden!

14 Jun

Might & Main

Might & Main is a design studio in Portland, Maine and Silver Bluff Brewing Company’s brand identity partner.