About Silver Bluff Brewing Company

What is the story behind your name? 

Many different people call Brunswick and the Golden Isles home, and our goal is to bring everyone together at our beer garden tables. In the spirit of bringing people together, our name refers to a time when the Golden Isles came together, quite literally. During the Pleistocene Epoch (the last Ice Age), St. Simons, Jekyll, and Brunswick were a single landmass. Geologists have long referred to this formation as the Silver Bluff.

What kind of beers do you serve?

We serve a wide range of beer styles, but they all share a few traits in common: quality, approachability, and balance. First and foremost, we only use high-quality ingredients, and we don’t use filler ingredients. We also strive to create beers that novices and enthusiasts alike can enjoy. We feel that balance is the key to creating approachability in all of our products. Read more about our current lineup on Untapp'd. 

What are your hours at the brewery?

We are now open every day!

Typical Hours:

Monday: 4pm-9pm

Tuesday: 4pm-9pm

Wednesday: 4pm-9pm

Thursday: 4pm-9pm

Friday: 4pm-10pm

Saturday: 12pm-10pm

Sunday: 12pm-7pm


We do occasionally rent out our brewery for private events. Check our Google listing and social media posts for updates.

Can we host an event there?

Yes.  Our taproom has a catering kitchen and our beer garden has room for a mobile stage—and both have audio-visual capabilities. Contact for more information.

Do you offer tours?

Almost. Scheduled tours are being organized.  If you happen to see one of our founders or brewers on the floor, you might even get an impromptu VIP walkthrough of the facility.

Where can we buy Silver Bluff beer?

Our beer is available in local restaurants, grocery stores and other retail establishments throughout the Golden Isles of Georgia. You can also purchase cans, growlers, and special-release bottles at the taproom.   Check out our Instagram to see stories about local bars and restaurants carrying our beer! We are continuing to expand through the state of Georgia so follow us on Facebook and Instagram for announcements.

Do you serve food?

We have a taproom and a traditional beer garden, and if you would like to enjoy our beers with food, we will have a few snacks on hand. We also encourage patrons to pack picnics or bring something from Arte PizzaIsland Jerk, or Tipsy McSway’s across the street.  Almost every night, we have a partnership with a local restaurant for food.  Give us a call or check Instagram for today's partnership.

Silver Bluff Brewing Company Silver Bluff Brewing Company Silver Bluff Brewing Company Silver Bluff Brewing Company Silver Bluff Brewing Company

Meet the team

Silver Bluff Founders

Ally Moline

Ally Moline

Ally has been an event planner in the Golden Isles since 2012. She is a Level 1 Sommelier, but over the years, more and more of the events she hosted placed a greater emphasis on beer than wine. Through her work, she became very fond of several Georgia breweries, but she felt that the absence of a brewery in the Golden Isles was one of the few shortfalls of the area. Thus, she set out to convince her husband that they needed to open a brewery.

Working with the local business community in the Golden Isles has been Ally’s favorite part of event planning. Continuing to work with local businesses will remain a large focus of her work at the brewery. 

If you have a question about hosting an event at Silver Bluff or you just want to know more about the area and our local businesses, Ally is your person. You can reach her at

Chris Moline

Chris Moline

Chris has lived in the Golden Isles since 2012. Through his work in real estate, he developed an appreciation for the historic structures in the area and became very passionate about Downtown Brunswick’s untapped potential. When Ally suggested they open a brewery, Chris was skeptical at first, but was easily convinced when it meant a revitalization project in Historic Downtown Brunswick. Although a building had recently collapsed at the corner of Newcastle & Monckand the building at 1317 Newcastle Street was being propped up by wooden slats when Chris first saw it—he was instantly drawn to that particular block of Downtown Brunswick. 

When Chris isn’t working on his brewery to-do list, he is likely working on a renovation project around the house with his wife Ally. They live just a few minutes away from the brewery in a historic home built during the turn of the century. You can reach Chris at

Kevin Coyle

Kevin Coyle

Kevin has been a physician in Brunswick for more than 10 years, and brewing has been his favorite pastime for just as long. He is such an avid brewer that when his house was built several years ago, the architect drew in dedicated brewing space. He has a wide variety of his brews on tap at his house at any given moment.

Kevin takes pride in brewing beers that have mass appeal, and he's known for converting beer skeptics into beer enthusiasts. Whenever possible, he supports local farmers and incorporates ingredients such as honey or blueberries in his beers. 

Although he routinely brews approachable beers, he also enjoys experimenting with complex beers that are high gravity, aggressively hopped, and full of nuance. 

Most of Kevin’s beer knowledge comes from more than a decade of practice (he admits he’s thrown away a few batches over the years), but he also has formal training from the world-renowned Siebel Institute. You can reach Kevin at

Jeff Coyle

Jeff Coyle

Jeff is the co-founder of a startup based out of Boston and serves as its Chief Product and Marketing Officer. Given his background in marketing, Jeff ensures that Silver Bluff maintains a cohesive brand and always gives the Golden Isles the nod it deserves. 

Jeff knows an astonishing amount of beer trivia, and he is particularly good at food and beer pairings. He is also an avid home brewer and has converted his entire garage into a brewing space. An industrial kegerator also sits in his dining room with his most recent creations on tap. Jeff enjoys just about every type of beer, but he has a special appreciation for maltier beers, particularly British bitters/milds and German altbiers. 

Jeff’s experience comes from years of practice, but he has also received formal training and certification in the often-overlooked areas of brewing. He has a particular interest in the installation and maintenance of complex draft line systems, and he even seems to enjoy troubleshooting stubborn draft line problems. You can reach Jeff at

William Melvin

William Melvin

William is our Director of Brewing Operations.

He comes from New York where he was the Head Brewer at Harbor Head Brewing Company.

Originally from the Hudson Valley, William started being in the garage before working at a few brewpubs in the Adirondacks.

He loves classic European lagers, bright American IPAs, and a good pint of Porter.

He's pretty great.

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